Post-Appointment Instructions

Teeth Whitening

  • Brush teeth thoroughly.
  • Remove the tiny tip from the whitening material syringe tip and discard
  • Place a half pea size amount of the material into each tooth from premolar to premolar. The material should go on the front side of the teeth (lip and cheek side) only. So you will skip the molars.
  • Place the tray into the teeth and remove the excess material by the gums with your finger
  • Wear time is one and a half to two hours. If the tray stays in for longer time (even eight hours) it will be no more effective, yet it will cause no problems.
  • Then remove the tray and brush teeth thoroughly. Also gently brush the tray with cold water and place back into your case.
  • You will whiten first your top teeth until you get the desired result. Several hours after you wear the tray, compare your top teeth to your bottom teeth so that you can see where you started. Once you have the desired result (usually after seven to ten whitening sessions), you can start whitening your bottom teeth.
  • Your whitening sessions are cumulative, so whitening every day for seven days will have the same result as whitening once a week for seven weeks.
  • After wearing the whitening trays your teeth will become dehydrated, which will result in a whiter appearance. Once your teeth rehydrate they will return to their normal color. So don’t be fooled after your first whitening session if your teeth look much whiter!
  • The solution you are using is 10% carbamide peroxide and would be extremely rare to elicit any discomfort. Contact our office if you experience any sensitivity with your teeth and gums.