Post-Appointment Instructions

Composite Restorations

  • At the end of the appointment, we have our patients look in a mirror to see their lips and face look normal, although they may feel very different- numb, frozen, and very large. We also discuss the importance of not biting, chewing, or sucking on their lips and tongue, and not touching their face or inside their mouth.
  • The local anesthetic will take approximately two hours to wear off. First the numb area will start to feel tingly and throb, just like the sensation when your foot or hand “falls asleep” and begins to “wake up.” This can be a very unnerving feeling and many children and adults may feel this to be very uncomfortable. This is not pain from the area not being numb anymore. Yet it can be very uncomfortable, and may last for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • During the period of numbness, a soft diet that can be swallowed without chewing is very important to prevent trauma to cheeks, lips and tongue. We recommend for the first few hours after the appointment:
      • Ice Cream
      • Milkshakes
      • Yogurt
      • Apple Sauce
      • Pudding
      • Cold Soup
      • Cold Mashed Potatoes
  • For the rest of the day and the day after:
      • Same as above
      • Noodles (Mac & Cheese)
      • Soft Sandwiches
  • If discomfort presents hours after the appointment, we recommend a dose of Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil).